BAZ Street Clean Up



By Billy LaGuerre, member of the Mountaintop BAZ

I am a moto taxi driver. I, along with many other young men my age depend on driving passengers on our motorcycles from Mizak to the city of Jacmel or wherever they need to go, to make a little extra money for ourselves. While we are waiting for passengers we all congregate in the main intersection of our community with our motorcycles, ready for business. Because of it’s central location it becomes a gathering place, not just for moto drivers, but to many of the young men around here looking for a place to pass the time. It’s where there are beverage vendors, cell phone minute vendors, fried snack cooks, and the popular lottery booths. It’s a popular place both day and night for people to be.

In this main intersection, however, there’s really no one responsible for keeping it clean and in nice shape. There are no public garbage barrels, so trash just accumulates on the ground. There are no trees for shade for the people who are waiting for rides or just meeting friends there. There is no one to take care of the area around the street to keep it looking nice and welcoming. While I spend a lot of my time there with my moto, I have heard many people comment about all of these things and wish aloud that things were better. As the central gathering area in our community, it would help all of the young people here have greater pride in our community if the area was cleaner and better taken care of. It would also provide a more respectable impression for visitors to the area who come through on the main road and that’s the first place that they see. It would not take a lot of work to improve the condition of the environment there but it would make a big impact on how our community is perceived.


That is why we at the Mountaintop BAZ are asking for your help to make this project possible. We would like to do some work around the intersection to give it a simple facelift and improve the experience of all who use the space. We would do some ground work, plant trees, and install a number of garbage cans to collect trash. We would be responsible on a regular basis to empty the trash and dispose of it in a better manner.

In addition to the main intersection, we would also like to install garbage cans in other popular areas of the community such as the market, the Catholic church, and the public school. Simply having a place to dispose of trash will make a big difference in making Mizak a cleaner and more beautiful place. This will give everyone more pride in where they come from, but it will especially be important for those of us young adults who are the future of the community to show that we really do care about keeping our streets and our environment clean.

Our proposal includes buying and installing 15 garbage bins around the community, doing the ground work and sustained clean up in the street, and planting a number of trees for shade. The garbage bins will be made locally and installed permanently to avoid theft or vandalism of them. Because of the materials used to make them, they must be made in groups of three, which costs $150.


15 Garbage Bins = $750

Tools for Clean Up = $250

Trees = $100

TOTAL = $1100

Please help us reach our goal to make this project possible and clean up our town! You can do so by either:

Sponsor 3 Garbage Bins for $150

Make a Donation of Any Amount Towards this Project

Thank you very much! Please check in on our Facebook page this week to see how we progress towards our goal.

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