Donate to Hurricane Matthew Relief!

Donate to Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts Now!

Total raised to date: $2600 / $6000

At the Mountaintop Baz we will be helping a number of families in our community of Mizak repair their homes after damage wrought by the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew that swept through the southern part of Haiti on October 3 and 4th. The storm brought winds over 140 mph and torrential rains that ripped off many of the tin roofs that the majority of houses in our community have and ruining the possessions that these families had inside. All of the farmers in our community also suffered the loss of crops, fruit trees, and livestock during the storm. Our goal is to raise at least $6,000 to be able to help at least 12 families repair their roofs and receive immediate aid after the storm. Please donate today to help us help our neighbors recover from Matthew. Thank You!

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