Education and Enterprise Fund

Our Education and Enterprise Fund is how we provide aid to our members for their schooling as well as business support to start enterprises based on the education that they have previously received. In this way we are helping each member put the building blocks in place necessary to create a foundation for a strong, self sustainable future. Each year our members each receive a standard amount of aid from the fund. Whether they use their funds towards schooling or business depends on the level of schooling that they have previously achieved. Those who have already graduated or received certificates from certain programs present business proposals that they are able to invest in. Those who are still attending classes can use the funds towards their tuition and supplies. Others may create more of a hybrid option where they begin investing in a business while also taking supplementary classes.

The cost to support one member for a year is $350. You can choose to support a specifc member or you can make a general donation of any amount to the E&E Fund to be distributed among the members. Thank You!

Sponsor A Mountaintop Member $350

Make a General Donation to E&E Fund

The members of the Mountaintop BAZ are pictured below along with their BAZ Buddies who are elementary children that they each have committed to helping through school themselves. They know how great of a gift it is for someone to provide an education so as you sponsor them, they pass on the gift to this younger generation. So you’re support of one of these young men won’t stop with them, it will grow and reach beyond one student! Thank you!

If you are interested in making monthly payments rather than a yearly payment, please email us at for instructions.



Berthony Aridou

Window Installation, Auto Transportation





IMG_5907Kenson Thevenin (SPONSORED)

Window Installation, Auto Transportation







Billy LaGuerre

Visual Art, Window Installation






Gaby Prevot (SPONSORED)

Transportation, Business Management







Sony Gere

Photography, Auto Transportation, Masonry






Jerry Gard (SPONSORED)







Christophe Celestin

Welding, Electricity








Pierre Richard Prevot

Religious Leadership, Administration





Berthony Gere

Plumbing, Mechanics






Nicodem Gere (SPONSORED)

Agronomy, Coaching






Bleckton Badio

Administration, Finance







Markenson Michel (SPONSORED)

Law, Civics




IMG_3346Pascale Gere (SPONSORED)

Elementary Education, Beauty







Jean Marie Prevot

Business Management, Sound Engineering








Minouche Prevost

Elementary Education, Administration, Visual Art






Justine Thevenin








Jean Arnold Badio

Coaching, Administration







Guetty Thevenin

Culinary Arts, Beauty